8 in a row?

After last night's stunning victory at Times Palace (which I happened to attend), the Lightning are currently in the middle of a 7 game winning streak. This goes on top of their 14-game point streak and monumental record since New Years.

Yet tonight is a real test from a real underdog team. After sinking to the Blues in Overtime and facing a scare vs. the Chicago Blackhawks, the Bolts travel south to Sunrise to face Roberto Luongo and ghosts of Tampa Bay's past in the form of Rick Dudley and company with the Panthers. Luongo has own the Lightning (as has Dudley and co) for the most part this season and unless the Lightning get back to firing on all cylinders, the first loss in quite a while may come at the hands of one of the hottest talents in the NHL in the form of Luongo.

Solve Luongo and the streak continues. The Bolts were able to figure him out a few weeks ago... There's little question if they could do it again. The true question is -- will they?