A brief statement on the status of Raw Charge

The future is unknown...

For those of you who follow us on social media, you may have heard that Raw Charge, along with a vast majority of the NHL websites run by VoxMedia/SBNation will, as they stated in their email to us, “no longer be managed and monetized by Vox Media.” They also laid off Steph Driver, who was responsible for maintaining/editing/leading all 34 hockey sites that fell under the SBNation umbrella:

Steph was a tireless and fierce advocate for all of the websites that fell under her domain and it’s a shame that they let her go in this fashion.

As for the future of Raw Charge. We are contracted through the end of February and will continue to produce content through that time period. After that, it’s hard to say what will happen. As the managing editor I cannot, in good conscious, ask the other writers to work as hard as they do for no pay. The stipends we receive for this work are not great, in fact, they are hardly worth it when you consider the amount of work every one does, but it was something.

Will this site exist on March 1st, 2023? Yes. Will it continue to produce new content moving forward. That I don’t know yet. I will strive to keep you informed as things develop.

Thank you all, even those that don’t always agree with what we post, for taking the time to read our work. Your comments, praise, suggestions, criticisms, jokes, and complaints made us better at what we do.

Whatever the future brings us, Go Bolts.