A laugher


Classless play by TB (Roy and Stillman and their elbow-lead checks), and inability to shoot the puck or control it (how many shots went WAY off course? And how COULDN'T Modin control the puck which led to Jerome Ignila's shorthanded goal) and general lackluster play made this game a laugher.

Start with the fluke goal to open the first -- off Gelinas right skate while his left leg blocks Khabibulin's right movement -- and then factor in missed opportunities, blown shots and you have the makings of a game that proves the anti-thesis to the "Great series" arguments.

This was a one way game despite the Lightning having a shot total advantage. This game deserved to be won by Calgary after Corey Stillman and Andr? Roy decided to go head hunting with their elbows in the third... That was not Lightning hockey and it makes me very angry.