A look at sports labor

ESPN's Page 2 has a column by John Kruk -- former MLB 1st baseman -- called "Chewing the Fat," and after some primarily baseblal related talk, he launches into a piece about work stoppages - specifically because of what is going on in the NHL right now.

ESPN.com: Page 2 - One Voice

So the NHL has locked out its players ... again.
Lockout, strike -- it's all means the same thing. No games.

And much like when MLB went on strike in '94, it looks like the same problem: The head of the union vs. the owners.

When the head of the MLBPA, Donald Fehr, went on TV back then and said, "The players voted to strike," you would think he meant that all the players on all the major league teams cast a ballot and decided that this was the thing to do.


If you want to read the full text of the story, click ont ehlink and scroll down to the "One Voice" sub header. It gives you an intimate look at the player's side of the CBA - not everyone is on the boat, and not everyone knows just what the hell is going on.