A team that shoots on glass together, stays together

One of the repeat stories of the season are Lightning players shattering panes of glass behind the net with missed shots. Kurtis Foster accomplished the feat for times so far this season.

In what was only listed as a side-note story from yesterday's morning practice at Bell Centre, Damian Cristodero at the Times reported on a comical event after Steven Stamkos broke panes of glass on consecutive shots:

"I've never done anything like that before," Stamkos said. "I was working on the one-timer and missed the net and broke two pieces of glass."

The funny part was the way the rest of the players immediately began taking shots at the two shattered pieces of glass that were not completely broken and were still standing in their grooves. Shot after shot hit the glass, and glass kept crumbling onto the ice, but the panes would not fall.

For everything the Lightning lacked on ice last night in their loss to the Canadiens, this anecdote almost makes up for it.