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About that team apparel, local solidarity thing…

I’m not even sure how I should go about phrasing this one.

Last weekend, there was a brouhaha over Dwayne Roloson and several Tampa Bay Lightning players visiting Tropicana Field and donning Minnesota Twins hats. Dwayne Roloson explained his connection to the team, from his time with the Minnesota Wild and his friendship with Justin Morneau.

I thought the Times aptly named the situation as the “from the Get A Life department”, and I also made sure to remind people the Rays decided to don Chicago Blackhawks jersey’s on a road trip late last May

Well, the tide turns. The Rays are heading on a road trip to Toronto, Ontario and another Joe Maddon special themed road tirp is in order… And lo and behold who the Rays showed solidarity for in their pre-trip photo.


Thank you, Rays. ¬†Thank you Joe Maddon. ¬†And apologies for highlighting last weekend’s “situation” that I still find absurd.

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