About Vincent Lecavalier and his big contract...

With the Ilya Kovalchuk ruling, reactions and the inkling of investigations into other contracts to see if circumvention of the cap was in play... It's been asked: What about Vincent Lecavalier and his 11 year contract?

@AndyStrickland first posted the question on Twitter yesterday, and Lecavalier's new teammate Dan Ellis (who was against the Kovalchuk ruling) retweeted the message to his followers to popularize the point.

So, is Vinny's contract under investigation too? Will it be open to scrutiny? Not happening says a report from Damian Cristordero at the St. Pete Times:

Some have wondered if Vinny Lecavalier's 11-year, $85 million contract extension should be scrutinized as well. But NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly wrote in an e-mail Tuesday that the league has "no issue with (Lecavalier's) contract."

I don't want to repost all of Damian's story here. To summarize, he lays out the problem with Kovalchuk's deal -- the structure, the front-loaded payout, the extremes -- and compares it to Lecavalier's. Sure, there is a large payout to Vinny up front with a drop off... but...

...Lecavalier's deal, while reducing the cap hit, does not go to extremes.

Check out the full story.at Lightning Strikes for the details.