Accepting Their Fate?

Is this the first evidence that the NHL Players are resigned to their fate of having to give up and give in? Brendan Morrison has surrendered:

"As negotiations progress, scenarios change," Morrison said. "To get a deal done, a lot of times you have to make sacrifices. I guess it boils down to what's best for the game -- and what's best for the game is to get back on the ice and play."So if that means us maybe taking the brunt of the sacrifices, it looks like that's what we're willing to do."

"What's best for the game..." What a concept. I can't help but feel like this is just words though - with no offense intended to Mr. Morrison - because if the players were interested in what's best for the game, they would have sat down and negotiated during what should have been teh 2004-05 season... Instead, we lost it because of stall tactics and avoidence by PA members.