All Lightning, all the time?

Bright House Cable System thinks that the Lightning are ready for their closeup... Twenty Four Hours a day..

An all-Bolts, all-the-time channel wouldn't feature live games, which are carried on OLN, Sun Sports and, starting in January, NBC. Rather, possible content would include highlights shows, talk shows featuring players and coaches, and taped broadcasts of classic games, Hutt said.I'm skeptical... This would be the second 24-hour NHL Team Channel (behind the Maple Leafs) and unlike the first, the Lightning do not have a storied history to draw upon that spans decades... It has a short history that spans a decade... And much of that history are events that Lightning fans would sooner forget.

Interview shows would be nice as US viewers in general aren't as well exposed to hockey personalities and local media does not shed enough light... But still... 24 Hours a Day? Lightning TV? Though the timing may be right for this (as the Bolts are reigning Stanley Cup champions) it feels like a foley in the making. Heaven for Lightning fans, though...