Another cog returns

He was one of the last, most probable re-signings of Tampa Bay's upcoming Unrestricted Free Agent class and today (thank you, Jay Feaster, for announcing this on a beautiful Saturday where I don't want to be on the computer at all) the Lightning announced Johan Holmqvist was re-signed to a one year deal.

Holmqvist wasn't a stone wall in net his first NHL season but he did serve admirably -- going 27-15-3 with a 2.85 GAA. His specialty was the shootout -- posting a 9-1 record... But of course with the good, there came ill and that was his frustrating, inexplainable ability to lapse in net for no given reason... For instance the Florida Panthers hounded Holmqvist this season. Johan started 5 games versus the Kitties and played 6 games total versus them... His record was 1-2 with a 4.88 GAA. That is not the kind of record you want your netminder to have against an also-ran like Florida, let alone a division rival that they are. Check the splits to see how Johan faired against all opponents faced.

But this move was a necessity, that much is sure. The benching of Marc Denis during the playoffs was a no-confidence vote in the goalie who was dubbed #1 before the season began. Feaster will be working the phones most of the summer trying to secure a deal to move Mr. Denis to other NHL pastures... and potentially acquire another veteran goaltender to push or share duties with Johan Holmqvist in net.