Are kids all right?

I've been pushing for prospects to get a shot at Lightning defensive roles... I wasn't happy that the Bolts didn't give an extended shot in the past to many younger players outside of Andy Rogers in 2005's pre-season during the search for a #6 D-man.

Of course, these guys have to appeal to John Tortorella when they are here, but getting an opportunity should be a right of anyone labeled a prospect.

So the Lightning are entering the 2007-08 campaign with two rookies on the roster -- Matt Smaby (who I've heard only pleasant things about from fans) and former University of Maine defensiveman Mike Lundin. Will they stay with they stick around and contribute while Dan Boyle is mending? Should they even get a shot?

My thought is it (a chance to play) has to come sometime... Some faith by the Lightning in giving both players (if not others in the system) a chance.