Balance of the Finals

Some believe it was the wrong call or too harsh a penalty, others believe it was a gruesome hit that deserves disciplinary action, or just a stupid penalty taken by Ville Nieminen. Whatever the prognosis, Ville Nieminen's check on Vincent Lecavalier may be the turning point fo the Stanley Cup Finals.

Tom Panaccio of the Philly Enquirer (by way of MSNBC) brings up that a suspension could define the playoffs, but it's also easy to see that if Lecavalier and Ruslan Fedotenko don't play in game 5 that all bets remain off. Two of the Bolts top producing forwards being gone could tip the scales in the Flames favor.

But if Fedotenko plays? If Vinny gets clearence to play? And Ville is indeed suspended for his role? That could be a devestating blow to the Flames morale. Then again, I won't make any wagers ont he Flames and how they take the disciplinary measurers after the Lightning came back from a "Devestating" game 6 loss to Philadelphia in the Eastern Conference finals. All the team had to do was be angry at the loss and remember the team mantra - Safe is Death - to overcome and win game 7.

What happens from here is anyone's guess. We're back to a best of 3 series. It's one more number to add to the Pass the Friggin' Torch Tour's encore performance.