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Two teams, two trades, not really comparable

Though two Tampa Bay sports teams traded away marquee players this season, different circumstances and different attitudes surround the departures.

Head coach Guy Boucher's first-pitch wrist-shot before Tampa Bay Rays game

A wrist-shot of a baseball from the mound, for a perfect strike? Lightning head coach Guy Boucher unleashes the awesome.

Marketing a defaced product

"The 24 Greatest Home Run Hitters" - is a farce of a subject in an era marred by performance enhancing drugs.

St. Pete Provincialism

Provincialism has long held back the Tampa Bay region for different reasons. Provincialism once again comes to the limelight as the Tampa Bay Rays seek a stadium that may end up outside the St. Pete city limits.

William A. Shea Stadium's drawn out end

The demise of William A. Shea Stadium is now in progress.

Juiced story syndrome

"Major risk, major reward?" or "Evan Almighty!"

Crossing the line, sports wise

some of the big news while I was away

Rays sending out feelers on ballpark

Feel the love

Stop Bonds

should barry bonds retire?