Baseball Bastards

No hockey news in the local media this morning besides a WHA fluff piece in the Trib.

That being said, I can't turn a blind eye towards congressional hearings and the world of Major League Baseball and what the media has been throwing out this morning.

MSNBC reports on John McCain's bitch slapping of baseball. 'They can't be trusted."

There's a great piece by Rick Telander of the Chicago Sun-Times entitled "Antitrust: That sums up how I feel about MLB" which also lays a very clear, literary smackdown towards last Thursday's congressional hearings.

Meanwhile, I continue to lose respect for Pro-MLB-Till-I-Die Curt Schilling as he continues to attack Jose Canseco and avoid the problem that faces baseball. I make reference to the above Rick Telander column when I tell Curt Schilling that Baseball is not an island, Curt. Cut the pompous bullshit and admit there is a problem and there are guys - Canseco and others that you are too high-and-mighty to name - that are benefiting from steroid use and abuse.

And of course you can view thousands of more stories and varying opinions related to this on Google News.