Before you read the fiction, learn the facts

Mike Chen does a little reporting to simplify what can be deducted by what is floating in the Media and what is still up for speculation with regards to CBA negotiations.

Assuming the framework doesn't fall apart, the number will be agreed upon based on a give and take with things such as last year's contracts, free agency, arbitration, rookie cap, etc.The finish line is in sight, but boy, there are still a lot of hurdles that can trip this up. Let's keep the optimism to a "cautious" level. Hopefully in a week or two, we can start talking about free agents and drafts and rule changes.Wow, collective bargaining about a Collective Bargaining Agreement. My grandfather used to tell me about this myth of negotiating and bargaining but I never believed it...

Seriously, though, if the devil has turned into the details than we have finally reached a stage that has been missing through the entirety of this process:  Instead of one group slandering the other for the basis of their CBA plan, we have a framework and now the little things are being ironed out.

Anything can still go wrong.... Don't think about buying those season tickets yet, but it looks like there is now an opportunity to be optimistic, and I don't mean an fool's optimistic (hello Eklund's Hockey Rumor's readers).