Below Par

Well, Vancouver has become the first division winner to be pushed to the brink of elimination, as the Flames are hoping to upset the West's #3 seed at home, in front of perhaps the loudest fans in the playoffs. Apologies to any Nashville fans out there...

The reason for the Canuck's imminent demise is shown in the +/- rankings. Vancouver has scored one true 5 on 5 goal in five games. The resulting +/- more resembles the scores you would find at the PGA's Greater Vancouver Open. Not a single player on the Canucks roster is a plus player. Looks like the Canucks have golf in their heads:

Sopel -5
Ohlund -5
Ruutu -3
Naslund -3
Rucisnsky -2
Keane -2
May -2
Chubarov -2