Bettman gets it wrong again

So the playoffs have finally arrived. The time of year when men are men, goaltending wins championships, and the referees put away their whistles and let 'em play.

Somebody didnt get the memo.

More accurately, somebody did get the memo. After 1,230 regular season games where the officials ignored virtually all obstruction and interference calls, Gary Bettman apparently dropped a memo to the officials ordering them to start calling obstruction.

Why didnt you do that in the regular season, Gary?

After night one, the only game that was marred by the memo was the Calgary-Vancouver game, where 16 powerplays were handed out, 7 of the 8 goals scored were potted with the man advantage, and all flow, consistany and enjoyment of the playoffs was sucked dry.

Is this what we have to expect in this years playoffs? Confusing calls, fans on both sides in agreeing that the offiicals are ruining the game? Hopefully Calgary vs Vancouver game 1 was the exception.

Given Bettman's history, I doubt it.