BLog round up

Seeing I don't know what to report here -- I might as well report what others are saying on the Hockey blogosphere:

Fist off, you gotta go to the Off Wing Opinion and read the news that Brett Hull hath speaketh his mind once again. Of course, one can't forget Tom Benjamin and his NHL commentary - nor the fact he also has a report on Brett opening his mouth once more.

Meanwhile, Jes wants to know if Kevin Lowe is just teasing with his "thnreat" to quit if the NHL economics stay the same. I know many Edmonton fans will suddenly wish that the Players win this bout :)

And just a request -- does ANYONE know of a email address (tangible email address) I can send email to the Pittsburgh Penguins organization? I have something up my sleeve for all Hockey fans but I cannot go forward with this without an email address for the Penguins (and perhaps higher up in the orgainzation... Super high up -- hint hint).