Blogger Relief

I emailed a contingent of Hockey Bloggers and general web logger's this afternoon in an attempt to show a united front and encourage readership to donate to the Red Cross... Now I'm asking the general blog community to lend a hand.

I created an image (as you can see at the top of the right hand menu) encouraging people to donate to the Red Cross. I'd like for this image to spread around the Blogosphere to show we're out there and we care...

The code to post that image and the link is as follows:
< a href="" target="_blank">< img src=""/>< /a>

Copy and paste this code onto your page somewhere and simply remove the spaces before the a href, the img tag and the ending < /a> and it should work.

Thanks to Eric, Lyle, Tom and Mike for their initial support on this...

EDIT: There are a lot of bloggers out there that have picked up on this.... It'd be nice to have a comprehensive list so I am asking for people to comment on this thread or send a trackback/pingback to the thread....

Some of the blogs participating:
Off Wing Opinion
Mike Chen's Hockey Blog
Spectors Hockey
Tom Benjamin's NHL Weblog
Beyond the Boxscore
Red Line Sports
Sticks of Fire
Balls, Sticks and Stuff
Tampa Film Fan
Tampa Book Buzz
Jes Golbez Hockey Rants
Tiny Little Dots
Hockey Country
Last Day of My Life
Odd Man Rush
CHL Fans
Sabre Rattling