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Brian Lawton on Dealing the #2 Selection in the 2009 NHL Draft

Joe Bolts Fan reprinted some remarks that Brian Lawton made yesterday during an interview from Montreal.

And basically they don’t encourage, unless you have the utmost confidence in Lawton or are being paid to react as if you have the utmost confidence in him:

After Lawton finished voicing his thought, Duemig quickly asked Lawton to backtrack and explain, “If we don’t trade the pick …”

With a smile in his voice, Lawton calmly said he’s getting attractive offers that are improving steadily, “It’s starting to get very interesting now. …People would be shocked at the quality of names.”

The article goes on and paints a best-case, glowing scenario of Lawton walking out of the draft having dealt the #2 pick and picked up more top 10 picks (two, and more!) with thanks to being willing to trade down.  It also ignores the quote itself saying “People would be shocked at the quality of names.”

Names…  Names.  Not picks.  Names… meaning players already in the league.

Other media sources locally – Damian Cristordero at the Times and Erik Erlendsson at the Tribune, as well as other sources nationally — have been conculding that the Lightning will hold on to their draft pick and select Victor Hedman if available (or John Tavares, if he should be there instead of Hedman)…  What kind of fall out would ensue if Lawton were to trade it?  And what coming back would be a necessity to make a deal a winning proposition?

How would you feel if the Lightning traded the #2 pick in the NHL draft?

Fine, I trust Brian Lawton’s judgment 9
OK. You never know how a deal is going to work out until later 12
Worried. You never say never but a deal HAS to be above-and-beyond amazing. 24
Get the pitchforks, it’s angry-mob time!! 20

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