Bullheadedness is an artform!

The following is just part of Gary Bettman's appearence on the CBC last night....

Mansbridge wanted to know why Bettman doesn't call Goodenow to restart talks, and Bettman suggested the players needed ``a period of sober reflection.''

"Somebody has to make the call,'' said Mansbridge. "Are you saying it has to be him?''

"No,'' replied Bettman. "At the appropriate time, after they've had time to reflect . . .''

"When would that be?'' asked Mansbridge.

"Collective bargaining is more of an art form,'' Bettman replied. "It's not an exact science and you have to go with the ebb and flow of it.

"Let's not get caught up in the rhetoric here. The union has not offered us anything meaningful. Under the union's last offer, under the projections that they gave us, over half of our team's would continue to lose money. If that's how they figure we're going to solve the problems, it's clear why we haven't been able to make a deal.''

This gives me very little faith in ownership... Not that I had much as was... Now I have even less.