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Business of Hockey

AHL announces deal with HockeyTech to broadcast 2018-19 season

Bye bye, Neulion.

The Lightning and Jeff Vinik invest in Ice Sports Forum

The best owner in sports drops $6 million to upgrade the team’s practice facilities.

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Will we see any offer sheets this summer?

How about for...Jonathan Drouin?

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The NHL Should Expand to 32 and No Further

I implore Gary Bettman to add a 32nd team and to do it fast.

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Jeff Vinik and his commitment to the Tampa Bay community

The best owner in sports has turned our franchise around.

An expansion team... in Toronto

An ideal hockey market that's already taken... Toronto.

Broadcast failure, marketing failure

A national broadcast is supposed to cater to a wide audience. The 2016 Eastern Conference Finals didn't, and ratings reflected that.

Why the NHL won't change on outdoor games

Now that the new slate of outdoor games has been announced, cue the groaning about the same teams getting games... And then take a minute to understand the business success that the NHL is sticking to.

Jonathan Drouin and selfishness in the NHL

Is Jonathan Drouin really a villain here?

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Anaheim Ducks Bob Murray summarizes the Doruin situation appropriately

The hype machine has played up how sought after Jonathan Drouin is as a player and yet this remark is a nice bucket of cold water on the situation, especially when the "raw deal" has been thrown out time and again regarding the Lightning's dealing with Drouin. There are more remarks form Murray in the LA Times that can be read as the Anaheim Ducks being out of the running.... Or very able to blather things publicly about private talks - something Steve Yzerman does not like. Regardless, you're supposed to earn your spot and rights in this league. Not get it outright regardless of production (or lack there of).

Competitiveness and consumerism in hockey

Sports is a business, the fan is a consumer, and mediocrity of a team doesn't earn high turnout (nor should it earn judgment of a market).

NBCSN, Media Markets, and the Tampa Bay Lightning

NBCSN will air 8 Tampa Bay Lightning games nationally in the 2015-16 season, which seems just a little low for the reigning Eastern Conference Champions.

Measuring Tod Leiweke's impact in Tampa Bay

Since being hired away from the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL five years ago, Tod Leiweke has had a major hand in nearly every major off-ice development the Tampa Bay Lightning have undergone.

Lightning salary cap projections for 2015-16

With the salary cap likely to settle lower than originally expected ($71 million dollar range) Steve Yzerman's work is cut out for him this summer to keep the Tampa Bay Lightning on the right path.

Stammergeddon 2.0 Begins

The last time Steven Stamkos' contract was up for renewal, Stammergeddon reined supreme on social media. Since then, social media has only gotten bigger and Stammergeddon this time around could be even bigger.

The business of an NHL culture clash

Market competition isn't a problem in Canada. The Canadian perception that capacity crowds are needed for every game or a market is a failure, is.

More on the "Vinikville" announcement

An official announcement went out Monday night regarding the unveiling of plans for property controlled (in part) by Lightning owner Jeff Vinik in downtown Tampa.

"Vinikville" isn't with the Rays in mind

It's been mused about in the media and among fans, but what's already known about Wednesday's strategic plan unveiling for the property nicknamed "Vinikville" seems to say a Channelside baseball stadium won't (and shouldn't) be in the cards.

The shifting faces of the Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost prospect Richard Panik to the Toronto Maple Leafs last week when they put him on waivers. But, he's not the first prospect to go under Yzerman's watch. Nor will he be the last.

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Jeff Vinik closes on purchase of Marriot Waterside

Tampa Bay Lightning owner has closed on a reported $150 million dollar purchase of the Marriot Waterside in downtown Tampa. Vinikville continues to expand.

The Lightning as the Green Bay Packers of the NHL

It's not about bratwurst or the Lambaeu Leap that inspires Lightning ownership's comparison to the history NFL franchise. It's not just success on the field of play either.

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Bill Gates to join Jeff Vinik in Channelside district development

It's not the business partner you'd have expected for Jeff Vinik's planned re-design of the Channelside district near Amalie Arena. But Cascade Investment LLC has entered into a partnership to plan and implement what could be a "billion dollar investment".

Bolts at the top of ESPN franchise rankings

Four NHL franchises crack the top 10 in ESPN's annual franchise rankings, and Tampa Bay is among them.

This stream has:

National Hockey League Expansion coverage

The NHL has long had its eye on increasing it's member franchises form 30 teams, now rumors are rampant the league may expand to 34 clubs. Here's Raw Charge's complete coverage of NHL expansion.

Rumors swirl of four-team NHL expansion

The Vancouver Province reported that NHL expansion to Las Vegas was a done deal. But later in the day, the Sporting News is reporting a possible 4-city expansion.

Report: Possibly post-Olympic NHL expansion

The Pacific Northwest appears to be a destination for a 31st NHL team according to a report out of Seattle.

Hockey arena annoyances

Some of the things that annoy you while sitting in the stands annoys others, too.

After 15 years, NHLFA shutting down

A long-tenured organization that wished to represent the voice of National Hockey League fans goes the way of so many fan-representative groups before.

How to resurrect a hockey franchise in 402 days

More than four years ago, a chart by James Mirtle showed (through attendance) how the situation in Tampa was on a torrid decline. Four years later, we revisit that chart to reflect how things have been thriving.

Seeking civic support for NHL marquee events

It wouldn't be wrong for Tampa Bay civic leaders to step up and show support for a Tampa Bay Lightning bid to host the NHL All-Star game or Draft.

Opinion: Everyone's to blame

As the saying goes, you can't fire 23 guys so you fire the coach. Of course, you can't fire an entire organization, either.

Expansion if done by a successful business

With the uneven conferences in the new NHL realignment scenario, the league is obviously looking at expansion. If they were a successful company, this is probably how they would likely go about doing that.