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Business of Hockey

Welcome to the neighborhood: A look at changes needed around Lightningville

It's time for civic leaders to follow Lightning owner Jeff Vinik's lead and start sprucing up the Channelside District.

Tacoma Dome and Seattle Expansion

The NHL has long had its eye on putting a team in the Seattle area, but the area has lacked a suitable facility for a team. The City of Tacoma is looking to change that.

Open thread! Open thread! Open thread! Or something

Tuesday night open thread asks the question to the fans: What one of these would.... Wait. You'll just have to just stop by and see for yourself.

Season ticket sales indicate fans approval

The Tampa Bay Lightning have sold twice as many season tickets than they had sold at this point last year.

Any city can be a hockey city - even Tampa, Florida

Hockey fans are fond of labeling cities as hockey cities and non-hockey cities. But every city can be a hockey city, if things are done the right way.

Can the NHL benefit from the NFL and NBA lockouts?

WIth the NFL & NBA currently locked out, the NHL could have the major league sports landscape to itself after the World Series. Is this a golden opportunity?

The Atlanta-to-Winnipeg move raises more questions than it answers

The Atlanta-Winnipeg situation is apparently resolved. However, there seem to be fewer answers to the question of where to play going forward.

Mr. Bettman pays a visit to Tampa

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman visits the Tampa Bay Lightning. Here's a run down of what Mr. Bettman did and didn't talk about.

Question of the Week: The Message Behind the Jersey Makeover

Raw Charge question of the week: What is the message behind the Lightning jersey makeover? Raw Charge polls bloggers from around the bolt-o-sphere for their take on the Lightning jersey change

Ilitch attempts a staff shuffling in order to keep Yzerman

Detroit Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch has reportedly attempted to push Ken Holland up to team president in order to keep Steve Yzerman -- and promote him to Red Wings general manager.

Esposito is not a front office cure-all for Lightning

Lightning founder Phil Esposito's name is invoked by long time Lightning fans every time there is an issue with the franchise. While people love Phil in TB, it's not wise to bring Esposito back.

Off Topic: Tom Wilson rides again

In an off-topic hat tip to the past, we make mention of former Palace Sports and Entertainment CEO Tom Wilson's new job.

Jeffrey Vinik Takes Charge

Jeffrey Vinik has formally agreed to purchase the Tampa Bay Lightning from OK Hockey Group LLC

Control of the Lightning and Vincent Lecavalier future

Vincent Lecavalier's name keeps popping up, tied to the potential sale of the Lightning to Jeffrey Vinik. Trade speculation is healthy, but trade speculation that is tied to a team's sale to make the numbers work is a disaster in the making.

Report: NHL negotiating sale of Lightning to hedge fund manager

Reports from The Hockey News suggest Jeffery Vinik is negotiating with the NHL to buy the Lightning.

The forgotten local interest in owning the Tampa Bay Lightning

Potential locally represented groups wait in the wings, waiting for the moment to jump-in. That time, however, is now.

Report: OK Hockey in default on Palace Sports Loan

An unverified report from the Macomb Daily suggests that OK Hockey has gone into default on their loan from Palace Sports and Entertainment.

Jeff Greene out as potential investor in the Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning ownership situation gets murkier as a potential investor drops his bid to invest in the team.

Lightning ownership situation back in spotlight

The merry-go-round continues to spin regarding Bolts ownership and a new report suggests Oren Koules is letting Len Barrie continue his quest to buy him out, just as Koules prepares his own buyout of Barrie.

More Conflicting Reports: Barrie and Tampa Bay's Ownership Situation

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been working thru their ownership issues. However, conflicting reports keep surfacing. What's going on?

Rumors of Barrie's demise have been exaggerated

Rumors of Len Barrie's demise have been at least temporarily exaggerated in the press.

Contradictory reports on Len Barrie's ownership stake surface

contradictory reports have come out this evening about Lightning owner Len Barrie. One has him walking away from the Lightning and another says he is on the verge of a partnership. Which source do you trust?

Happy Anniversary?

It's been two years since Oren Koules popped onto the scene in Tampa Bay with the surprise news of the Lightning's pending sale to Absolute Hockey in 2007.

A proverbial bucket of cold water on Lightning fans

There has been a lot of good press fo the Lightning this past week in Tampa Bay. That took a turn on Sunday, reminding local groups that issues of Lightning team ownership need to be settled for the good of the region.

OT: NHLFA conducts survey regarding the Coyotes situation

Barrie wants More

Spoken words and consequences

Bid to be a part of the All Star game festivities in Atlanta

Exclusivity and Fearmongering

ownership suitors more competitive than the team?

Absolute Hockey falls down, goes boom

Shakeup in the Southeast