By the Talk - rumor market

TSN is discussing the goalie market and the #1 team that is in search of goaltending is -- of course -- the Lightning. Tortorella's bile-filled ssmackdown of John Grahame is quoted before TSN kicks up my interest:

Tortorella also knows that GM Jay Feaster has precious little cap room with which to make a deal, so the Lightning may have to get creative unless they are willing to part with a scoring winger like Ruslan Fedotenko.Fedotenko? That's all?

I've been reading fans and reports from all over and it would seem that a goalie was rumored to cost nothing less than Pavel Kubina and as much as Brad Richards to land. While I have no interest in trading those players, other fans are sounding more desperate and willing to talk it over or sing their vices in order to justify a deal.

So when I read this rumor over, the first thought that passed thorugh my mind was thus: "Fedotenko? That's all?"

Not to talk down about Ruslan Fedotenko but if there is an expendable forward in the top 2 pairings, it's Rusty. This isn't trying to knock Feds, nor is it trying to say "Lets ship him out" -- but I am saying I would sooner part with Fedotenko than anyone else in teh top two lines or defensive pairings.

Oh, it'd likely cost more than just Fedotenko - but to have his name come up number one in talks instead of someone else leaves me more confident.