Call it

I feel like someone is afraid to be the chief doctor int eh ER... A patient came in with fluctuating vital signs and for the last few weeks they have been futilely doing triage to bring the patient back to stability.

But please, spare us all, the season is dead. Call it.

Blame Goodenow? Blame Bettman? Blame greedy players? Blame greedy Owners? It is of no consequence.

The patient is dead. The doctors helped kill him. Someone call it... Time of death? Your guess is as good as mine... I would think that it was several days ago when the talks started again because they went no where.

Cover the body, put away the crash-cart and send in the janitor...

Don't look for a funeral - the family is scattered throughout Europe and those still in NOrth America are focused on other parts of their lives. NHL 2004-05 never had a chance... Apathy has ruled - from players who tucked-tail and ran to Europe and have only listened to what their Reps had to say and not followed news themselves, to owners who can't figure out Gary is detrimental to the game, to the Fans who have done little to nothing to fight for their game back.

Not that we could do much. I mean, guys like me blogged and tried to rally people with different ideas. Tried to empower the NHLFA but that failed... Partly because no one cared any more, and the greed helped ruin the fun that many find in this sport.

Winter is giving way to Spring here in Florida. Spring Training is goign to be in action within days and I feel hollow inside. No hockey. No Lightning. No Cup defense.

The Patient is dead. Someone please call it. Be humane and stop the suffering - just give up. It's over.