"Capping" the bullshit

I'm not crying and whining the Lightning may lose a star player or two under the new system. Maybe you can pin this on the fact I'm in a market where an NFL team is and I've dealt with this before?

Maybe the knee jerk reaction to the "travesty", "sacriledge" and "abomination" from those on the blogosphere just comes from the fact no one knows what the NHL as a whole will be like with caponomics in place? Nor do any of them want to take the time to actually follow the NHL with that system implemented, it's much easier to follow the old rules after all... I mean, look at us nutty Americans -- we're still on the Imperial measurement system after all and resist going Metric at all costs.

Maybe it's the fact I realize that you're not supposed to keep all of your roster for life under the cap and realize the Lightning wouldn't have kept their entire roster together for life even without the cap? Maybe it's the idea that the Lightning can mix and match and still be a competative team while a solid young core is in place? Such is life under the cap, after all..

No, that's not possible! The Lightning are done for! So Sayeth The Puck Stops Here...

That's a travisshammockery! The Stanley Cup Champions are supposed to be a dynasty! So Sayeth Tom Benjamin. Of course, NHLPA Apologist Tom fails to make mention that the NHLPA's stonewalling on a cap-free system and dragging their feet on the process is part of the reason the Lightning may lose anyone (thanks to 2004-05 contracts wiped out, Tom, Nikolai Khabibulin becomes a UFA... )...

"You fans can kiss my ass" -- so sayeth Jeremy Roenick... But that's a different story all together.

Maybe the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl three out of four seasons shouldn't be a factor? Or the idea that the LA Lakers kept a team together while mixing and matching pieces under the cap, and kept returning to the NBA final because it's core remained in place?

None of those things should factor in. It's Doomsday! The Lightning's world is falling apart and I am not repenting! I'm not crying out the sky is falling and I'm supposed to! I'm insane for not seeing the logic of the ultra-traditionalists! The Horror, the horror!