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Celebrate the holidays with Blue Thunder radio tonight!

Visualize a snowy land of gum drop trees and candy cane lanes, where toys are alive and snowmen and elves greet you with a happy, “Glad tidings to you and yours! Peace on earth, good will to men!”. Now visualize a radio show on the internet where you can call in and talk about the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Well, one of these things is completely real! The other one is our radio show and you can get there by going to SBNation Tampa Bay Live! tonight at 8 p.m.

That’s where you’ll find Blue Thunder, a live internet call-in radio show by and for fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Join me and Cassie McClellan of Raw Charge with Patti McDonald and host JC De La Torre of SBNation Tampa Bay as we celebrate the holiday season by making wishes and putting names on our naughty & nice lists, all while sitting in a hot tub filled with hot cocoa and mini marshmallows. Come open your gifts with us!

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