So Brian Eklund made his first start, supplanting John Grahame's flop-too-early Kevin Weekes immitation for the night...

So Dave Andreychuk got a night in the press box instead of in the starting lineup -- the first time that has happened in his career with the Lightning -- and Martin Cibak made his first start in several games...

So John Tortorella shook up every line and made you wonder what the hell was going on for sure... Lecavalier and Richards together in the regular lineup? WHen was the last time that happened? Back in Rimouski? Ruslan Fedotenko demoted to the fourth Line?

It still resulted in another Canadiens come back win this season and another puzzling loss for the Lightning where the once-resilent Lightning team that could always be certain they would get back in a game seem to be wondering if they are in the game at all.

Brian Eklund stopped 16 of 19 shots in his NHL Debut... Vaclav Prospal scored his 21st point fo the season -- and is on a pace for 107 points... That's just about twice his point production in Anaheim in 2003-04.

...and while I'm rambling aobut points with the team, lemme ask every fan out there - why are the Lightning afraid to check anyone? Are penalties that strictly enforced now to actually worry about solid checking? Or are is this team that lacking in this department - expecially on defense? It was guaranteed that Jassen Cullimore woudl deliever solid hits during a game and usually you could expect the same from Pavel Kubina... But this season it seems the only thing the Lightning defense is capable of is being timid about being physical. Stick work is highlighted over solid checks and intimidation.. It seems like poor defense is what's haggering the offense to a degree (notforwards poor defensive play, I mean a weak blue line hampering things in the other zone).

You know, Mike Egener was sent down from Springfield to Johnstown for whatever reason and I'm starting to wonder if they moved the guy int he wrong direction within the system?