CLS NHL Re-draft - Seventh Round Update

I know, I know. I've been slacking. In my defense, however, it is the offseason. And many of the blogs John posts tend to be collaborations.
Enough of this tedious self-justification. Here's your update on where we're at with the Cycle like the Sedins NHL Re-Draft. First, let's go over where current Lightning players have gone.

We just started the 7th round. Interestingly enough, Vinny and Mattias ended up on the same team. And in the Southeast Division, no less.

Round Pick CLS Team Player Position Cap Hit
1 10 Atlanta
Vincent Lecavalier C $7,727,273
2 40 New Jersey
Martin St. Louis RW $5,250,000
4 116 Chicago
Steven Stamkos C $3,725,000
6 171 Atlanta
Mattias Ohlund D $3,607,000
7 183 Tampa Bay
Ryan Malone LW $4,500,000

Yes, I even managed to pick up a current Lightning player in this draft. Crazy, ain't it? More after the jump.

Here's where I'm at so far:

Round Pick Player NHL Team Position Cap Hit
1 3 Henrik Lundqvist NY Rangers G $6,875,000
2 58 Mike Cammalleri Montreal
C $6,000,000
3 63 Mark Streit NY Islanders D $4,100,000
4 118 Milan Hejduk Colorado
RW $3,900,000
5 123 Brent Burns Minnesota
D $3,550,000
6 178 Matt Stajan Toronto
C $1,750,000
7 183 Ryan Malone Tampa Bay
LW $4,500,000

The grand total so far, for seven players, is $30.675m - which isn't bad, as these things go. There are actual NHL teams that have 4 or 5 players that tie up that amount of cap space. That means that I have $26.325m for the rest of the team. The majority will probably have cap hits of $1m or less.

So this is what I'm thinking. Top line may be LW Malone, C Cammalleri, RW Hejduk. It'll depend on what wingers I can pick up in the next round. Which, unfortunately, will be the 238th pick. I'm thinking a winger and another defenseman for the 8th and 9th rounds.

The interesting thing about this draft has been the people who haven't been drafted as of yet. I really wanted to pick up Brad Richards. I thought about it long and hard. I still even have him on my list of who I'd like to pick next. The one thing that's stopping me - and is stopping everyone else as well - is his price tag. And it's not just Brad, but a few others as well. This is what it means to play with a salary cap.

You can find out more on the CLS: Re-Drafting the NHL Boards.