Dead of summer hockey link-dump

I was scanning around the Raw Charge blogroll, among other places, trying to find some interesting perspectives and voices to help amplify with a link in...  Sadly, a lot of those sites are either defunct or in hibernation until next season.  More on that in the coming days but for right now, let me give a few quick hits about:

The Bolts!

TB has nine defensemen on one-way contracts, which  seems daunting.  If the team carries eight, a few decisions have to be made.  Lightning Strikes

Of course, the glut of D-men is not necessarily a bad thing.  Jon Jordan

Take a gander at Lightning prospect rankings post-draft. Bolt Prospects

The Southeast Division!

From a DC perspective, take a look at what the SE division rivals have done so far this summer and whether the Caps should expect them to be better or worse for it in 2009-10.   Japers' Rink

The NHL in Whole!

Nationalism trumps fierce rivalries in Canada?  The Hockey Plumber?

More alternate jersey's!  Rejoice!  Gag!  It's up to YOU as consumers to enjoy or denounce!  Puck Daddy