Dead of Summer link dump and open thread

Lightning stuff from around the Interweb

  • Progress report for Mike Smith: he's skating again and working out on ice. Lightning Strikes
  • Rankings for the five Southeast division teams offseasons (so far). Just how do the Lightning stack up in this report? Click to find out. CBS Sports
  • Len Barrie has been challenged by the league to show'em the money and (reportedly) Barrie has yet again met a deadline.
  • Lor Lor chronicles the "Beyond the Blue Line" season ticket holder tour at Times Palace. Race For The Puck
  • And the home.... of the... brave... (I'm looking at YOU, singing Lightning fans and local performers!) Bolt Report

And in other news

  • In honor of Buccaneer training camp opening this morning:  Ah, the memories.... or nightmares. Take your pick.  Buc'em/

This is an open thread - got a link to a story Lightning fans might enjoy?  A league wide concern?  Other banter yu wanna get off your chest?  Post it in comments.