Defensive Disaster

I don't know who to be angrier at -- fate or Jay Feaster.
Pavel Kubina goes down with a groin injury and doesn't play last night's hockey game. The Lightning dress five deensivement and lose after one of them (Pratt) is penalized.

Tonight? Nolan Pratt suffers an injury during the 1st period and a depleted defensive core, playing for the 2nd night straight, is down to four defensivemen.... 2 pairs expected to cover the full of the game.

The Lightning have three AHL0level forwards contributing right now and 3 NHL veterans riding the pine... There is depth at forward is what I am trying to underline here. The Lightning carry only 6 defensivemen on their roster to begin with. No spares. Why wasn't someone called up and Reid, Craig or Artuhkin sent down?

A loss tonight may be looked at as bad luck, as a tough loss, as disappointing. It can also be looked at as helped along by negligence in the front office.

UPDATE: Pratt back out on ice - yet I stand by my comments