Defensive Shopping?

From Lyle at Spectors --

- The Colorado Avalanche are shopping veteran blueliner Bob Boughner and have held talks with "a couple of teams, including Tampa Bay, Detroit and Calgary".Spector's Note: Uhhh, that would be three teams, Bruce, not a couple. Anyway, the Wings recent signing of Jason Woolley probably takes them out of the running. Given the Flames blueline depth I can't see them being interested, although they do have the cap space. The Bolts have been seeking a veteran fifth or sixth defenceman, but they're almost maxed out on their cap.

With $950,000.00 going to Bob to begin with, that sounds like he is not an option - period... Unless we are giving up more for more, so to speak, and clearing cap space through the deal, which is not Feaster's M.O. Jay tends to want to keep the locker room intact and trading away a high-cap value player would likely mean a core player on the Lightning roster.

Trading draft picks or minor leaguers doesn't create the space the team needs...

I cringe at the thought of this deal -- Bob's an undersized physical D-man who has played a lot in the Southeast in the past.