Defensively - will Roman fill the gap?

Concern with the Lightning focuses on restricted free agents and UFA Nikolai Khabibulin. On Defense, the team is likely to lose defensiveman Brad Lukowich and has already lost Jassen Cullimore the previous offseason....

It's ironic that who Jay Feaster coveted is a UFA now. Former Lightning player (our first draft pick ever) Roman Hamrlik is on the market. There isn't much in the air around the area with the way of rumors but one just has to use some deduction to guess that Roman's agent might have gotten a call from Jay Feaster.

First factor in what I've already stated - the Lightning are down two defensiveman -- both of top four quality. Then factor in Jay Feaster has tried to acquire Roman in the past. Not once, but twice.

Are the Lightning chasing Roman? Or have they inquired about Mr. Hamrlik's desires? Who else on the defensive front has Jay Feaster had a jones for in the past and had to pass on?