Demers Illiterate

Jay Feaster, in part, earned his original job with the Tampa Bay Lightning due to former head coach and general manager Jacques Demer can't read, write

Demers tells how, n his autobiography, he depended on aids and secretaries to deal with reading and writing portions of his job That includeshiring then GM Assistants Cliff Fletcher and Feaster to work help him along...

There are well over one billion illiterate adults around the world with many different social and economic factors that dictate this. It pains me more, however, to know Demers has been in a position for decades where he could have hired a private instructor... While there may be councils to combat illiteracy, there are none to combat stubornness.

Edit: I'm in the wrong and I want it to be known. My comment above about Demers being too stubborn to seek out help over his illiteracy isn't correct at all and is a closed-minded view of successful people who continue life illiterate. There is shame and insecurity also present in these individuals. Embarassment and other such emotions and thoughts that keep them from admitting what is wrong and seeking out help.

To admit you are closed out of the world and not able to read or write is a monumental task and to make it look like something smaller isn't a proper way to go about these things.

Thanks to Lyle Richardson for waking me up on this and reminding me of the truth.