Depth and the lack there of

During the Lightning's run in 2003-04, it benefit greatly due to a lack of missed man-days from members of it's roster. That was oen fo the stories that followed the Lightning as it went on to capture Lord Stanley's Cup.

We all know that we can't count on the same injury-free season again from this squad (it's impractical and improbable to think about) and with that being said, you need players to fall back on - to sub for injuries - in case someone does get hurt.

Well, it's official that Eric Perrin won't be one of those individuals as he signed a deal with SC Bern. Perrin took less than he could have made with the Lightning at the NHL level... Due mostly to the fact that Perrin didn't believe he woudl break in on the roster and would be forced to take only 75 Thousand at the AHL level.

Well, that and the fact he likely would be lost by the Lightning upon callup (as players have to go through waivers each way).

But I digress - Erik Erlendsson at the Tribune is the man who covers the situation with depth in today's Tampa Tribune and you should read the article for more info.