Don't you know, the Nationals don't matter?

You know, during the Lightning's playoff run last season, I was extremely upset at the media coverage of the team and the bias that Bristol (and the Extremely Partial Sports Network - EPSN. AKA ESPN) was showing towards the Northeast teams. The Islanders were better than us, so sayeth John Saunders. The Habs were better than us, so sayeth Gary Thorne, The Flyers were better than us - so sayeth everyone.

it was biased coverage like that which ruined the telecasts but made winning all that much sweeter.

On Friday the Washington Nationals played there first game at RFK Stadium in Washington. The DC Sports machine had Baseball again and all ere rejoicing. Well, except the media as ESPN broadcast the Yankees versus the Red Sox for the umpteenth time.

I got into a little discussion on the disappointment that the Nats game was not broadcast on TV and some people ask the question - who cares? It's the Washington Nationals....