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Doug MacLean speculation

With Doug MacLean stepping in as team CEO in the new ownership group, one has to wonder how soon (if they haven’t already started) the Lecavalier/Richards/St. Louis/Boyle trade rumors start up again. Though Jay Feaster remains General Manager of the Lightning, you have to wonder if Lecavalier and the rest will be held in as high a regard as Palace Sports has held the four.

If the status quo remains, I fully expect Lecavalier re-signed before he becomes an Unrestricted Free Agent.. That mega-buck contract might lead to Dan Boyle’s departure from the team… But that’s if the status-quo holds.

If MacLean starts thinking extra-long term however, or has his mind in such a place and it leads to clashes between him and Feaster…. What happens? Does the group have the money to invest in Lecavalier and the rest? Or consistently handle the minimum threshold of the Salary cap?

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