down and out at Boltsmag

Personal note for Boltsmag readers and the rest of my friends in the blogosphere who occasionally check in with the site to see what I am rambling about...

Well, one of the things I dread most when I post here is bringing up anything personal as long time followers may have gotten used to by now. I tend to revolve around the Lightning and the local sports world alone. In the past I've only alluded to personal downtime (hand surgery which limited my typing abilities). Another medical leave of absence is upon me and it's much more serious than I like.

I am a sufferer of what is known as Neurofibromatosis Type 2 -- a rare disease that effects somewhere around 1 in 50,000 and causes benign tumors in the spine and in the head. It's a nasty little sucker that gets the spotlight on occasion as a possible diagnosis' for a House MD patient. Besides that there's little or no mention of the disease in the media.

At any rate, this upcoming week I am slated to have a tumor removed from my head. There is plenty of risk involved (as it is any time they want to operate somewhere on your noggin) so I don't know how long I will be offline nor when I'll be back -- though if all goes well I'll be home in a week and back online sometime soon after.

I wanted to make sure to keep everyone abreast on things... It may be the off season and still long before rookie camp or training camp begins, but me disappearing unannounced again just didn't seem like the course to take this time.