Dynamo calling Affy

Flashes of brilliance, deft work at times and takign the Fans for a ride on a train that would never reacht he station. That's Dmitry Afanasenkov in Tampa Bay. And now? He's part of Moscow Dynamo after signing a deal with the Russian Elite League team. Let's let Damian finish the summarization of the disappointment that Affy proved to be for this fan:

I always liked Affy but the guy just never could harness that incredible talent into a coherent package. I mean, he could stick handle and skate, but he just wasn't a finisher. And when he got the chance to play with Brad Richards, he tanked. Having said that, Affy's 11 goals last season and 21 points with Tampa Bay and the Flyers were career highs.

His nickname in latter years was Can't-get-a-shot-off. Don't know if that unseats Alexander Selivanov's "Son-in-law-ov" nickname but it comes close.

Here's wishing Dmitry the best and hoping that, one day, he shocks and awes all of us by coming together.