EA Sports joins in on the Halloween Spirit

EA Sports launches a seasonal exclusive to their successful gaming franchise NHL 17.

With Halloween just around the corner, the folks over at EA Sports decided to add a new seasonal element to the popular game mode Hockey Ultimate Team.

In case you are unfamiliar, Hockey Ultimate Team, or HUT, is a game mode within EA Sports popular video game NHL17. It allows for players to create their own team, sign contracts, update jersey selections, and play against friends or computers in tournaments and seasonal play. Players must utilize sets and packs (which can be purchased using an in-game currency) along with a sort of ‘free agency market’ to build the strongest team possible.

Only accessible from October 21st to November 1st, the Halloween Set allows for a fun take on HUT. The player can virtually collect candy through purchasing (again with in-game currency) special trick or treat packs. Fans can combine these candies in order to unlock special players and collectables.

The collectable candies include Candy Corn, Chocolate, a foil wrapped candy, Licorice, and a Lollipop.

There are five sets in total that are attainable. These sets range from Novice to Master with each set having a varying level of difficulty and requirements. Players can be unlocked through different combinations of the candies and original HUT collectables. Obtainable players include Dany Heatley, Matt Cooke, and even Tampa Bay Lightning alum Mattias Ohlund.

If you are getting tired of the usual features that come with HUT, the Halloween sets add some new goals, interests, and an overall nice change of coloration into the game mode. More info on the seasonal exclusive and HUT can be found here.