ECQ: New Jersey Devils at Tampa Bay Lightning (Game 4) Open Thread

Would you characterize this as the Lightning's game to lose? Not I.

Martin Brodeur has been challenged. He either must raise his game or get out of the way. Vincent Lecavalier getitng into Brodeur's head may or may not be the truth. Tonights game will prove or disprove the notion if Brodeur rises or falls to the occasion.

The Lightning need another complete roster effort and that will be tltimate deciding factor. For the New Jersey fans out there -- this is where I hold my doubts. The Lightning have had several situations this season where they have seemed to be on a roll and then -- crashed, burned and looked nothing like they are capable. The pressure is on to put another nail in the coffin -- but when the pressure has been on for the Bolts to perform, they've faultered.

Here's hoping for the Lightning to beat that trend and head back to jersey with a commanding 3-1 advantage in this best-of-seven series.