End of Summer link dump

Labor Day weekend!  The traditional end of the summer has arrived.  And also arriving right now are players at their training facilities around the continent...  Yes, hockey is returning to us after another long hot summer...

That being said, here's a couple of posts from around the wires and blogosphere about every sorta thing and nothing all at once.. .

The Bolts -

  • The Bolts have committed to playign the big names when the team arrives in Winnipeg on September 24th. Winnipeg Sun
  • Pete at Bolt Prospects talks about the off-season doings of Lightning GM Brian Lawton. Bolt Prospects
  • The 30 Teams in 30 Days tour continues on TSN.ca with the Tampa Bay Lightning -- who rank Mattias Ohlund as over-the-hill, and don't even have enough respect to spell Martin St. Louis' name right. TSN

The Site -

  • Our Maple Leaf friends at Pension Plan Puppets have a relevant post that applies here too: here's how to Sign Up -- well, if you replace all Pension Plan Puppet items with Raw Charge items...  Pension Plan Puppets/

General Hockey -

  • Been quite a while since Cassie gave you an update on the Cycle Like the Sedin's re-draft. We're in the middle of round 14 now...-- CLS: Re-Drafting the NHL
  • Speaking of Cassie, she ponders a question about hockey in the Pacific Northwest: Seattle or Portland? --One Timers and Deflections
  • The NHL is not going cheaply to Jim Basillie... Or anyone else who wants to relocate the team. --From the Rink/

Tampa Bay -

  • For those who participated in the Best of the Bay vote, results are slated to be published around September 16th -- Creative Loafing Tampa/