Endorsing Listlessness

There comes a time when losing gets to winners and those winners. They'll vent, or they'll simply give up.... They won't be the only ones discontent with the status quo of losing, or at least they shouldn't be. Fans will be behind them if they can see the culprit isn't the manager or head coach...

At least that's what the case is supposed to be.

I'm starting to have my doubts about Tampa Bay Devil Ray fans wanting to actually follow a competative ballclub.

Lou Piniella, one of Major League Baseball's best managers, went off on Rays ownership before Sunday's game. The Rays are once again falling like a stonebeing laughed out of Seattle, Cinncinatti and Pittsburgh during another horrendous road trip.

Lou voiced frustration at new owner Stu Sternberg and the fact that Sternberg has helped along a changeup in a plan to build on a core of young players. Sternberg compares to former Lightning owner Takashi Okubo in his mystery, and Mrs. Rachel Phelps (the malicous owner of the Indians in Major League) in his contentment with a bottom-of-the-barrel team. In both cases, it's bad for the Rays - both in the immeidate and the long term.

Every Rays fan should be aware that they currently have the worst General Manager in pro sports with Charles M. LaMar. Every Devil Rays fan should be well aware that Lou has managed to make chicken salad out of a chicken-shit roster he has been given to work with in his first seasons with the Rays. This year, Lou was expected to do the same with less tools and less money and players at his disposal than the previous two years. This is where fans are supposed to rally around Lou's frustrations and show support.

And yet Rays fans - some of them - see Lou as the problem.

Some people call for the Rays to be contracted - I've certainly stated that it would be a mercy killing of the worst franchise in pro sports... With fans as conent with losing as some I have come across - it furthers the point that the Rays need to go the way of the dodo.