Evening open thread

What a day...  what a day...

After the jump, a number of links and things.

Hoosier Hockey gives some thoughts on Steve Yzerman in Tampa, and who he should hire as head coach [Hoosier Hockey]

Tom Jones of the St. Pete Times brings up #1 comparison of this GM versus the last GM fo the Tampa Bay Lightning [Tom Jones 2 cents]

Don't Trade Vinny recaps the Yzerman hiring in simplicity, and with humor  [ Don't Trade Vinny ]

Bolt Prospects user Wrong Net Paulie summarizes briefly Yzerman's appearence on 620 WDAE [Bolt Prospects]

...and another user summarizes his appearance on AM 1040 [Bolt Prospects]

Cassie, writing over at From the Rink, gets some quotes together from around the Net about the Yzerman hiring [From The Rink]