Evidence is to the contrary

"We're tight with our guys. We're not looking to give them away. If people are going to make meaningful offers to move this organization forward, we will act. But we won't act for the sake of acting. We're going to make deals if they make sense for the organization."
--Brian Lawton, General Manager.With the track record of OK (not really) Hockey, I can't say I believe Mr. Lawton one iota. Especially after reading that he plans on being at the office at 6 A.M tomorrow morning.

Deals will be done, trades will be made, and the only place they make sense will be on paper. Or, the wise moves will be the small ones that don't seem to have significance until later on when a young player grows into his role... The Lightning under Koules/Barrie/Lawton have a habit of going with the former: great on paper, lousy on ice. The latter would require a long term blue print that does not sacrifice the nucleus of the roster.