Bolt Prospects 2009-2010 Midterm Rankings


The Bolt Prospects crew have put together their mid-season rankings of talent in the Lightning system. They explain, firstly, criteria for making it onto the list (...prospects aren't NHL regulars. Yet.) and then give you the list of the tops'o'the'system. Among those ranked are Ty Wishart, Blair Jones, Dana Tyrell, Dustin Tokarski and plenty of others. In which order are they ranked? You have to read the article in order to find out.

Hart; Vezina; Calder; Norris: It's SB Nation's NHL Midseason Awards


The SB Nation staff (most of all the site-managers of yoru favorite hockey blogs) got together and voted for some of the stars from the first half of the season. All the major awards were included. There were no consensus votes, but majorities were vast in most every category except the Selke. Find out just who we thought had the best first half by clicking the link in the title.

Off Topic: Reports: USF fires football coach Jim Leavitt


ESPN and AOL Fanhouse are reporting USF Football coach Jim Leavitt has been fired by the school. The University of South Florida has been investigating a November 21st locker-room incident between Leavitt and a player. The only coach USF has known is no more.

Sabres vs. Lightning: Behind Enemy Lines


David over at Die By the Blade asked me some questions from a Sabres perspective regarding the Bolts... As well as a prediction for tonight's game. It's a lot of opinion and soem people won't agree (or may see things differently) but that's my take on the subject(s).

@TBLightning's photos


The Lightning have posted a number of memorable images on their official Twitter account and through Twitpic. I think it's only fitting to make sure the address for their photos on Twitpic was publicized. You'll promotional pictures as well as behind-the-scenes stuff that you only read about. Check it out.

Combined NHL regular season standings for 2009


Dirk Hoag, over at On the Forecheck (SB Nation's Nashville Predators site) did the hard work and put together the combined records of all 30 NHL teams from January 1st, 2009 until December 31st, 2009... One complete year. NHL teams played ina varyign amount of games over that span -- from 83 games (Atlanta) to 89 (Montreal), the total games played during that pan tends to lie between those two numbers. For the Lightning? 86 games played and a 29-39-18 record for 2009... 2nd-to-last place int eh league behind the Islanders. Take a look at the full numbers an analysis by Dirk.

Tampa Bay Lightning left wing Ryan Malone makes U.S. Olympic team


Sometime next week, when I'm feeling better, I'll put something up for all of the Tampa Bay Lightnings 2010 Olympians. In the meantime, all I can offer is congratulations!

Team Canada Olympic Roster Announced - SB Nation


Full coverage and commentary on the Canadian National Olympic Hockey Team can be found here. There are many talented players - on the Lightning and elsewhere -- who did not make the cut... And it's certainly worth discussing.

Meszaros, Karsums make Olympic teams


Congratulations to Andrej Meszaros and Martins Karsums on making it to the Olympics. Luckily, the road trip to Vancouver is a bit easier than the last one that was to Italy. More to come on the Olympic team selections later.