Fashion changes ahead for Lightning?

Years ago, before the Lightning were going to be sold to Absolute Hockey or OK Hockey, the Lightning were looking into updating the Lightning jersey with something fresh. With the introduction of Reebok Edge, the Bolts went with the smock-like designs for the home and road jerseys (as well as updating the logo).

Of course, after 15 years of an only lightly tweaked road and home jersey design, this was met with a mix of acceptance and disdain.

Whatever your opinion, Icethetics is reporting (by way of Reebok, that the Lightning's home and road uniforms are to be tweaked (if not revamped) for 2011-12:

Tampa Bay Lightning


This is my favorite part. According to Reebok, the Lightning will sport brand new home and road uniforms next fall!

This is news to me and while I never thought Tampa Bay's jerseys were perfect, I am surprised to hear they're changing them again after just four seasons. My guess is it has to do with the new management team. So, changes all around in the Sunshine State.

Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment -- Owner Jeff Vinik, CEO Tod Leiweke, even Steve Yzerman -- is building a brand with the Lightning. The "World Class Organization" concept and all that. Changes being made to the jersey's aren't a shock. If the crest is modified, that is not a shock either -- though I don't expect it.

With the news that there are changes in store, I must say that I'd really look forward to something that better compliments the 3rd jersey design at current: the piping, the stripes... Not the "BOLTS" text though, thank you. I find the lack of contrast in the home dark uniforms to hurt things too much. And while the white road uniforms work with the limited blue contrasting the white... Well, where's the black? And the grey?

That's just me, though. What are you, the fan, thinking with this news?

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