Feaster and dealmaking

From Eric at the Tribune:

There are not too many of those type of players rumored to be on the market this year, though St. Louis defenseman Eric Brewer might be an impact player should the Blues fail to re-sign the pending unrestricted free agent. While bringing in a defenseman has been on Feaster's radar for some time, he is also believed to possibly be looking at acquiring a gritty forward or somebody who could play alongside Brad Richards on the second line.I'm at the point where I don't think Feaster is going to pull off a deal that is worth it if he makes a deal at all. The Lightning want to win now, but the team needs a long term basis for contention. Bringing in a rent-a-D-man for defensive prospects doesn't help the team long term . Those kids shoudl be getting a chance to play on the roster currently -- even if it means time on the pine.

So I am officially not big on acquiring a Defensiveman.

A "Gritty forward" however... Someone who can play both ways and has a contract that lasts longer than a couple of months might be worth it.

Just as long as it doesn't compromise the cap situation further or the long term contention of the Lightning.