Final thought

Charles M. LaMar does not agree with his firing by Stuart Sternberg, though he takes full responsibility towards the Devil Rays failings during his tenure as General Manager...

You know, I've devoted a lot of time and effort over the years bashing LaMar - be it on Boltsmag, on my personal blog, on message boards, on the Usenet... On the now-defunct Email The Rays as well... So this will be a short "closure" post directed at LaMar with my bile that he so deserves:

Hey Chuck? Do you think ANYONE in the world agrees with their firings? I wouldn't even answer an idiotic question like "Do you agree with your firing?" if the media tossed it at me... That being said -- if you take responsibility for the teams suckage, then why oh why do you disagree with the firing? You were the fourth longest tenured General Manager in MLB and you couldn't make due with what you had while other General Managers around the league did.

Poor decisions, poor scouting, a reknown habit of poor negotiations during trade talks, a team that had only won 70 games once during your tenure?

...And you think you didn't deserve to be fired?

Stuff it, Chuck. You'll find your apologist sympathizers scattered aroudn the web -- "It was Vince, not Chuck! It was LOU! Not Chuck! It was Hal McRae! It was Cam Bonifay! It was anyone but Chuck!"

...You just won't find those apologist among people such as myself who've suffered through every painful blunder you've made as GM... People who actually follow the team close enough to see the hazardous and delusional trend that was Chuck LaMar's reign as GM.